Soundstream S-84SNTA12 Ingenix OEM GPS and 直送商品 2012 Upgrade for Kit 68円 Soundstream S-84SNTA12 Ingenix OEM GPS Upgrade Kit for 2012 and Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics 68円 Soundstream S-84SNTA12 Ingenix OEM GPS Upgrade Kit for 2012 and Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics,/Bonbo887303.html,S-84SNTA12,Upgrade,Soundstream,and,Ingenix,Kit,68円,2012,OEM,GPS,for,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics Soundstream S-84SNTA12 Ingenix OEM GPS and 直送商品 2012 Upgrade for Kit,/Bonbo887303.html,S-84SNTA12,Upgrade,Soundstream,and,Ingenix,Kit,68円,2012,OEM,GPS,for,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics

Soundstream S-84SNTA12 Ingenix OEM GPS and 直送商品 2012 Upgrade for 期間限定特別価格 Kit

Soundstream S-84SNTA12 Ingenix OEM GPS Upgrade Kit for 2012 and


Soundstream S-84SNTA12 Ingenix OEM GPS Upgrade Kit for 2012 and

Product description

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

Custom Fit into the 2012-2013 Hyundai Sonata this system features Embedded Turn by Turn GPS featuring Tom Tom Navigation Maps of the US amp; Canada plus 12 million P.O.I. to find everything you are looking for. Blue Tooth 2.1+ EDR A2DP Streaming wide spectrum audio reproduction. File Management allows you re-organize USB/SD file folders right from your head unit. Includes custom fit Dash Trim Kit and features an 8" TFT-LCD Touch Screen. 16GB USB 2.0 amp; SDHC Reader Module for media.

Soundstream S-84SNTA12 Ingenix OEM GPS Upgrade Kit for 2012 and


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