Azula,C,1911,31円,Leather,Colt,Belt,2,/acouchy580347.html,for,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Slot,,Pancake,Holster,Molded 31円 Azula Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Belt Holster for Colt 1911 C Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness 31円 Azula Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Belt Holster for Colt 1911 C Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Azula,C,1911,31円,Leather,Colt,Belt,2,/acouchy580347.html,for,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Slot,,Pancake,Holster,Molded Azula Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Holster Belt C ディスカウント 1911 for Colt Azula Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Holster Belt C ディスカウント 1911 for Colt

Azula Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Holster Belt 新品未使用正規品 C ディスカウント 1911 for Colt

Azula Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Belt Holster for Colt 1911 C


Azula Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Belt Holster for Colt 1911 C

Product description

Azula Two Slot Pancake Gun Holsters are a custom leather Outside the Waist Band OWB holster for the 1911 Commander length pistol with 4"-4.25"" barrel. Hand crafted from top quality leather to last a lifetime. The Azula Two slot pancake holster is designed to be worn with a belt up to 1.5" in width. The back of the holster covers the top of the pistol slide with a full COMFORT SHIELD so it does not dig into you for additional comfort that is not found in many other holsters. Azula Two slot pancake holsters are a full length holster that covers the pistol completely so your front sight does not hang down below the holster. Azula Gun Holsters are hand made by master craftsman with over 30 years of holster making experience. Azula Gun Holsters have a lifetime replacement warranty This is a RIGHT HANDED TAN leather holster. DOES NOT FIT 1911 WITH RAIL. We sell a separate holster that fits 1911 with bottom rail. MODEL CM

Azula Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Belt Holster for Colt 1911 C

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