DAMASCUS BLADE HAND MADE KITCHEN CHEF KNIFE SET-1081-7 PC'S 日時指定 B 07 SET-1081-7,KNIFE,eliteengineering.com.pk,105円,DAMASCUS,MADE,PC'S,B,/heartener540467.html,KITCHEN/CHEF,BLADE,07,HAND,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining SET-1081-7,KNIFE,eliteengineering.com.pk,105円,DAMASCUS,MADE,PC'S,B,/heartener540467.html,KITCHEN/CHEF,BLADE,07,HAND,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining DAMASCUS BLADE HAND MADE KITCHEN CHEF KNIFE SET-1081-7 PC'S 日時指定 B 07 105円 DAMASCUS BLADE HAND MADE KITCHEN/CHEF KNIFE 07 PC'S SET-1081-7 B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 105円 DAMASCUS BLADE HAND MADE KITCHEN/CHEF KNIFE 07 PC'S SET-1081-7 B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining





Product description

BLADE MATERIAL: The High Grade Damascus steel used for these blades consists of layers of low carbon amp; high carbon mixture welded, forged and hammered several times to obtain Up to 200 Layers. The hardness of these blades is up to 55 HRC on the Rockwell scale providing sharp edges that are designed for lots of use. Precision heat treating methods are employed to provide the sharpest, most enduring edges available. HANDLE MATERIAL: Only quality materials have been used to create this beautiful Knives Set, hand forged kitchen knives. Featuring High Grade Damascus Steel blade. The Brown Pakka Wood scale is fixed with brass mosaic pins. Comfortable in your hand, you will volunteer to be the cook tonight! For the collector or the Chef Master this set of knives are stylish and built to last. From biggest to smallest the measurements are as follows: 1st Chopper Overall length 38 cm Handle length 12.7 cm Blade length 25.3 cm 2nd: Overall length 38.5 cm Handle length 14.5 cm Blade length 24.0 cm 3rd: Overall length 33 cm Handle length 14.5 cm Blade length 18.5 cm 4th: Overall length 31 cm Handle length 14.5 cm Blade length 16.5 cm . 5th: Overall length 29.5 cm Handle length 14.5 cm Blade length 15.0 cm 6th: Overall length 28.0 cm Handle length 14.5 cm Blade length 13.5 cm 7th: Overall length 22.0 cm Handle length 14.0 cm Blade length 8 cm



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Back Ribs Braised with Orange and Rosemary

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