E & I Segment

At Elite Engineering we provide a wide range of E& I services on EPC basis.
Quantum of different disciplines with respect to EPC services may be distributed as under:


    Supply and installation, test and commissioning services in following head of activities:
  • MV/LV transformer (PMT and sub-station works)
  • MV/LV switchgear (HT & LV room installations)
  • Power Generators (Prime / standby rating in power house)
  • Power Distribution panels (MCC, LDB, MDB, ATS, PFI, PLC Control Panels, Starter & Motor Control Panels and Control Desks)
  • Laying / fixing and termination of power and control cables (on surface, cable trays / ladder, in trenches or buried under ground)
  • Conduiting and wiring (on surface or concealed)
  • Instrumentation for:
    • ATG and LDS systems
    • Vehicle Earthing / bonding
    • Metering system
    • Pump Controller Server and Real Time Transaction Recorder and Remote Handling Devices
    • Loading / Unloading & stock status monitoring mimic display panel
    • Remote Pump Control Stations
  • Electrical installation in Classified areas (Zone-1 & 2) hazardous product handling location for Loading / Unloading pump room, Gantry, storage tanks:
    • Lighting Switches
    • Light fixtures (flood, high bay, pendent, road lights)
    • Cable termination (motor connections, remote control stations, sw. & skt.)
    • Power Switched and Socket outlets
    • Protection seals and junction boxes
  • Fire Water Pump Station (Water pump, Jokey pump and Control panel)
  • Indoor & Out Door illuminations (based on illumination calculations)
  • Fire Alarm / Detection systems
  • Lightning Protection systems (Areal, Down Conductors, Earthing Electrode Station)
  • CCTV Surveillance systems
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Earthing & Grounding (storage tanks, gantry, piping, steel structures, flood / road lighting poles, pumps, transformer, generators, power distribution / LV panels, Extra Low Voltage systems control panels.
  • Vehicle Static Grounding (Scully systems)
  • ESD system (Emergency Shut-down)
  • ATG systems (for Bulk Storage Terminals and Fueling Stations)
  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system for Bulk Storage tanks, Pipe Lines and buried steel structures.
  • 20. Inspection & Certification Managements:
    • a. Inspection of overall electrical installation from the Department of Electrical Inspector prior to energizing system from utility service connection.
  • Area Classification and Ex-rated instruments, equipment, fixtures and fittings installation and connection certification from Government authorized agencies (OGRA)