Electric Vehicle Benefits

Have you given a thought to switch to Electric Vehicle? If not, think now to contribute to the Eco-Friendly environment of Pakistan.

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Posted on Monday, 12-Oct-20

The Electric-Car trend has taken over the world in recent times as the global drive in the direction of discovering eco-friendly commuting choices. The boom has pushed well-known automakers to produce more Electric Vehicles (EVs) than ever before. The electric vehicles demand is continuously on the rise as it is so effective in improving the air quality by reducing the carbon footprint. Electric vehicles generate power from electric batteries, hence they totally eradicate the need for conventional fuel, which on combustion in petrol and diesel vehicles, adds to the air pollution. 

Pakistan, playing its part in eco-friendly culture has done a remarkable job in EV industry so far.  As fueling with electricity offers some benefits not available in conventional internal combustion engine vehicles, Pakistan is encouraging the industry with customer friendly policies.

Other than the eco-friendliness, the Electric Vehicles are light on pocket.  Elite Engineering supporting the cause and playing its valuable contribution to make the country clean and pollution free by supplying, installing, commissioning, and testing the Pakistan’s first Electric Vehicle Charger.

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